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Sunday, 12 April 2009

State of play at Easter

The three remaining tulips. There should have been about 8, and I wanted to hold off photographing them until the perennial cornflowers were out as they looked very good together last year, but the squirrels have been busy biting the tulip heads off and have also massacred the cornflowers, so this may be all the show we get this year. Little bastards.

I've now got a few more plants in the back garden - most of my Van Meuwens order has turned up now, and I've picked up a few more here and there from Homebase, the farmers' market, etc. There are 3 Asiatic Lilies in the big tub, plus some violas in the smaller pots; in the big flower bed there are three fuschias, a dianthus and an aquilegia.

There are also a few bulbs in the pots - some crocosmia Lucifer and some anemones, but no sign of any of them emerging yet.

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