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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Things start to bloom

Lots more colour in the garden now. All the violas are putting on a fantastic show, and quite a few of the other plants I've put in (like these pinks) are also blooming nicely. You might notice a few more plants in around the pond now too - I've added a Spiraea Japonica and a New Zealand Tea Tree, as well as the gypsophila that have now turned up (the asters are also in, but as bare-root plants there's not much to see just yet).

The first of the perennial cornflowers has also bloomed (at last - thank you, squirrels), it's a tragedy how many buds those blasted rodents have eaten. Also, a couple of random aquilegias seem to have turned up in the log garden, must have seeded themselves from next door or something.

Lastly, the first of the hedge plants has started to flower - it's just the spindle, whose flowers are tiny and green, but good to see the hedge settling in well enough to start flowering.

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